Clinical Trial Will Assess Profile of Gut Microbiome in Heart Failure Patients

Researchers at Oslo University Hospital say a clinical study called the GutHeart Trial is set to examine the potential relationship between the gut microbiome and inflammatory and metabolic pathways in the cardiovascular system. The Phase II randomized controlled trial will enroll patients with heart failure who will receive an antibiotic, a probiotic yeast, or no treatment on top of recommended heart failure treatment.

The team described their study (“ Design of the GutHeart—targeting gut microbiota to treat heart failure—trial: a Phase II, randomized clinical trial ”) in ESC Heart Failure.

“ Heart failure (HF) is a multifactorial disease. Current treatments target only a fraction of the putative pathophysiological pathways. In patients with HF, reduced cardiac output and congestion cause increased gut wall permeability. It has been suggested that leakage of microbial products is detrimental to the heart, at least partly through activation of systemic inflammatory pathways, which again ...