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Controversial leader signs resignation letter in a move that could end Sri Lanka's seven-week long political crisis.

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A federal judge in Texas declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional on Friday, issuing a blockbuster ruling that threatens to throw insurance markets into chaos and strip health coverage from tens of millions of patients nationwide. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor hands...

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New data on the birth of tornadoes suggest that the twisters don’t form from the top down.

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Researchers at the University of Geneva Switzerland have used NASA's Hubble telescope to find an exoplanet that's evaporating. The exoplanet, GJ 3470b, shows signs of losing hydrogen in its atmosphere, causing it to shrink. USA Today reports: The study is part of exploration into "hot Neptunes,"...

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Saturday is the deadline for ACA health law coverage in most of the country

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Q:We just received a set of amended bylaws and CC&Rs presented to us for a vote. One section concerns us, it says that the board can vote itself a waiver of monthly assessments if the homeowners association is self-managed. The board states that the documents have been approved by an attorney...

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A federal judge in Texas has ruled the Affordable Care Act "invalid" on the eve of the sign-up deadline for coverage next year.

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