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"Go and be your amazing self and we’re going to sit back and just love you,” the ex-NBA star said about his son, who he cheered on at Miami Beach Pride.

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The head of the U.S. federal agency in charge of mine safety said on Thursday he has no plans to fast-track new limits for coal miner exposure to silica dust because he believes exposure rates are already falling.

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A computer simulation reveals how one nation's management of its fish spawning grounds could significantly help or hurt another country's catch.

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NASA’s very own free-floating Companion Cube equivalent took its own first tentative “steps” in space today, demonstrating its ability to rotate on its own in zero gravity inside the International Space Station. The robot, called “Bumble” and one of a series...

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US Sen. Kamala Harris is introducing a bill to reduce the transmission of HIV by encouraging the use of PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, a drug that's more than 92% effective in preventing new infections. If it becomes law, PrEP would be free to most patients.

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Crews from Vista, San Marcos and Carlsbad quickly extinguish flames

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Texas police officers recently found a live rooster in a truck during a traffic stop for reckless driving.

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