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Sen. Bernie Sanders, another 2020 hopeful, ignored questions from reporters on the subject at a campaign stop in South Carolina.

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U.S. officials arrested a South Florida man on Friday for leaving racist and obscenity-laden voicemails with three Democratic members of Congress that defended U.S. President Donald Trump and directed ire at U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar.

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‘Invisible Women’ explains how neglecting to collect or use data on women harms their health and safety.

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ParseDMARC is an open-source, self-hosted DMARC report analyzer. For those who don’t know, DMARC is an email security standard that can protect your domain name from email spoofing and also identify incoming spoofed emails to protect end users. In a previous article, we discussed how...

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The group aims to tackle male isolation across London through regular meet ups and trips.

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The Writing Den, launched from San Diego and now in New York and Seattle, uses the power of hand-written notes to help homeless people re-connect with family and friends.

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State Rep. Janine Boyd garnered national attention for an amendment she proposed to the state's controversial "fetal heartbeat" law.

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