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"Most of us were ultimately able to grab hold of rocks or barriers ... and await the rescue teams to get to us. Unfortunately, not all of us were so lucky"

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Medtronic Plc's co-founder Earl Bakken has passed away at the age of 94, the medical device maker said on Sunday.

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New strategies aim to help transplant recipients keep their organs healthy with fewer (or no) immune suppressing drugs.

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It's not easy to turn heads in the mobile industry in 2018. At best, we see new handsets come out to critical acclaim but also a sense of stifled boredom. Maybe it is the best of its kind yet, but so what? Apart from the fact that it ticks every box, what does it bring to the table that's...

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The number of Zika virus cases has crossed 100 in Rajasthan, a state in northern India where palaces and forts draw large numbers of tourists each year

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A new report released last week reveals many UNESCO World Heritage sites are being threatened by the effects of climate change. According to, 47 of the 49 historical sites … Click to Continue »

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The notion that a pig’s lack of functional sweat glands has anything to do with its risk of transmitting disease is without scientific basis.

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