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Rights group says Hindu supremacy promoted by India's ruling BJP party, which encouraged violence against Muslims.

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A massive coal ash spill near Knoxville, Tenn., in 2008 forever changed life for Janie Clark’s family and left her husband with crippling health problems. So Clark was astounded late last year when she heard what the Environmental Protection Agency had done. In September, at the behest of...

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A new atlas of atom-thick metals could help researchers figure out how these 2-D materials might be used.

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On Saturday, Lucy Schultz of Denver, Colorado shared touching, intimate photos of her childbirth. Well, not technically . What she shared was a hilarious album of her pretending to give birth to the baby kitten she and her boyfriend Steven recently adopted. The new mom wrote :...

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DEMENTIA symptoms include memory loss, mood changes and confusion. This could be a sign that you’re at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, or another brain condition, scientists have revealed.

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Get to the 'Point I’m open to opposing viewpoints — pun intended — but here’s my take: The loveliest spot in the county to enjoy a pint is Del Mar’s Viewpoint Brewing. Beers here are good, not great, but head brewer Moe Katomski and owner Charles Koll may need time to fine-tune the operation...

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A follow-up to my post yesterday about the invention of 'fallout biscuits' in 1961 . In 1971, eight tons of these biscuits, or crackers, caused the floor to collapse at the South Carolina State House: "All of a sudden the walls of the State House began to shake and then the whole world...

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