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Protesters say the government in Tirana has failed to crack down on criminal gangs.

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The head of a Chicago-based bank was charged in an indictment unsealed on Thursday with bribery and accused of corruptly approving high-risk loans to President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort in a scheme to land a top Trump administration post such as secretary of the U.S....

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Astronomers have found dozens of surprisingly massive black holes far from the centers of their host dwarf galaxies.

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Online free speech has been given a victory, with a federal court ruling that a Redditor can remain anonymous in a copyright lawsuit. From a report: This means anyone from around the globe who posts on Reddit can still rely on First Amendment protections for anonymous free speech, because Reddit...

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Older passengers may have a higher risk of heart failure or stroke following a car crash, new research shows.

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INGLEWOOD (CBSLA) – Over a period of several decades, the city of Inglewood has spent tens of millions of dollars in federal money to soundproof middle-class areas near the Los Angeles International Airport flight path, but bypassed the poorest neighborhoods, according to a report...

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A troll’s website from 2015 named “Christians Against Tattoos” produced dubious memes that remained alive and well years later.

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