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North and South Korea are to form their first joint Olympic team and march together at the opening ceremony, Seoul says. The two countries have announced they will field a joint women's ice hockey team for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and that they will march under a 'unified Korea' flag.

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In the heat of his unlikely presidential campaign, Donald Trump declared himself free of the “shackles” of the Republican Party, promising to “fight for America the way I want to” and insisting he would never wish “to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people.” Yet a year into his...

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Another study finds that labor lasts longer than is traditionally taught — an insight that could mean fewer unnecessary cesarean deliveries.

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DIABETES symptoms include feeling very thirsty, fatigue, and needing to urinate more often than normal. Eggs could be the key to controlling the condition, while aiding weight loss and lowering blood pressure, a nutritionist has claimed.

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HOLLYWOOD (AP) — A growing number of actors are distancing themselves from Woody Allen and his next film, heightening questions about the future of the prolific 82-year-old filmmaker in a Hollywood newly sensitive to allegations of sexual misconduct. Timothee Chalamet on Tuesday said he will...

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Walmart is helping customers get rid of leftover opioids by giving them packets that turn the addictive painkillers into a useless gel.

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