Who wants a regular laptop with a 100-in. screen?

Here comes an entirely new kind of computer.Events like this don’t happen often. So, we should all stop and marvel at the emergence of what I call the ARPC — the “augmented reality PC.”The “form factor” solves the decades-old desire to maximize screen size

Know Your Rights: Photography in Public

The ubiquity of camera phones has turned every layperson into a semi-professional photographer, and social media makes it even easier to spread photographs and video over the internet like wildfire. Sometimes, those photos and videos even end up changing the course of history, or

Ubuntu Summit 2023 Date & Location Revealed

Join me in hearing an imaginary drum roll as I reveal the date and location of the next Ubuntu Summit. This year, Riga in Latvia will host Ubuntu’s in-person soirée, from November 3rd to November 5th at the The Radisson Blu Latvija Hotel. Interestingly,

How to enhance integrations for better security outcomes

Whether security leaders oversee a small security team or an enterprise-scale team spread over numerous security operations centers (SOCs), building and maintaining integrations with other tools in the tech stack can be difficult and time-consuming. The average business integrates approximately 75 different security products

Carpet bomb DDoS attacks rise 300 percent

A new report shows that 2022 saw a 300 percent increase in 'carpet bomb' DDoS attacks compared to 2021. Carpet bomb attacks, also known as spread-spectrum or spray attacks, distribute traffic across large IP address spaces. Legacy technology, like standard victim-oriented detection and mitigation

Microsoft launches Apple community for IT admins

Apple founder Steve Jobs loved Bob Dylan, who sang, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Microsoft seems to have listened to Dylan’s advice and has launched an Apple tech community for IT professionals.Welcome to Microsoft Mac Admins The move